Bánh Khọt – Mini Pancakes of Sweet Childhood


Any little Vietnamese child can relate to these humble crispy mini pancakes, made hot from a makeshift stall in her local outdoor market. She would follow her mother to daily grocery trip so she would get to eat these delicious crunchy pancakes made of rice flour, coconut milk, turmeric, green onions to form a pancake mixture, and fried over a cute mini pancake pan that looked very much like a desirable toy at the time. She liked them without the ground pork and shrimp on top, but the adults seemed to prefer the toppings. One eats these mini pancakes with herbs and lettuce, dipped in fish sauce. Accompanied with a glass of sugar cane juice, this used to be and is still the perfect afternoon snack for any Vietnamese. They are quick and easy to make and easy on the pockets.

The pans used to be made of pure clay and in modern time, steel ones have replaced that charcoal smell. From fancy restaurants to mobile street food vendors, these mini pancakes earn their royal place in Vietnamese cuisine, and the love of every Vietnamese from the working class to the upper class.