Beauty Bestowed


Back in the old days before the commercialization of beauty products, women in Viet Nam used charcoal, mud, cucumber for their skin, gleditsia fruit and coconut oil for their hair, and these ingredients are now being bottled as effective beauty treatments. Nature is always at its best and it comes to healing and nourishing.

These natural and organic makeup brands use natural ingredients for the closest duplicate of beauty from nature.

100% Pure

Beauty products with high content of antioxidants, vitamins and essential oils, and colours from fruit and plant pigments.

Juice Beauty

Certified organic and clinically validated, vegan and plant-pigments skincare and anti-wrinkle products for a healthy beauty routine.

Au Naturale

Its creator is a nuclear analyst who wants a safe and clean line of beauty products so she created a non-toxic, paraben-free for clean makeup that looks like bare skin but more perfect.

Real Purity

This line uses only natural botanicals from nature, and plant-based ingredient for chemical free makeup and skincare products that will calm even the most sensitive skin type.