Canada’s New Food Guide 2019


On January 22, 2019, Canada releases a new updated good guide, in which many traditional diary products have been removed from the previous version. The last update was done a decade ago and no doubt modern lifestyle has changed drastically since then.

Using data from 50 years, a recent CBC study in 2018 showed that “Canadians are eating less beef, drinking less milk and soft drinks, and eating more flour-based carbs.” More chickens are consumed;  bananas have replaced apples as the favorite; potatoes are less preferred over rice; and  the classic salad ingredients of tomatoes, carrots, lettuce and onions remained unchanged. Canadians are drinking less milk, less soft drinks but more wine. They are also eating a lot more cheese.

[old food guide]

The new updated guide suggests half of daily food intake should be from fruits and vegetables, one quarter from protein and the rest from whole grain foods, with no recommendation for dairy. The former guide has four food groups: fruit & vegetables, grain, dairy and meat. Now, there are only three remaining categories, with a strong suggestion of very minimum meat intake. A recent survey indicated 6.4 million Canadians have restricted meat intake from their daily meals.

Lifestyle advices and health recipes are also part of the new updates. Healthy eating tips include: be mindful of eating habits, cook more often, enjoy food slowly, eat with company, make water primary drink choice, read food labels properly, limit foods in high sodium, sugar and saturated fat, and guidance for guarding oneself against food marketing and influence.

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