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It had entered in film festivals world-wide. Look out for this movie as one of the few outstanding Canadian Vietnamese actors makes his unforgettable mark in mainstream entertainment. Film Synopsis (English version): Picking Things Up takes an introspective look at the...
In ikebana – “giving life to flowers” – the Japanese observe an art form derived from Shinto and Buddhist belief where during the act of creation, they practice the following 7 principles, while making sense of the unity among...

Birds of A Film Feather

We all once wish - and probably still do – that we can fly like birds. There is something magical and freeing about taking flights and seeing the world from an aerial vantage point. It is believed that birds evolved...

The Silky White Ao Dai

A symbol of purity and femininity, the white Ao Dai has long been an undetachable stimulus for any form of Vietnamese art from painting to photography to fashion…Its grace casts a silhouette of serene beauty over a country full...
It’s not all flash and flesh, but feeling and feminism. Boudoir photography has a long history of struggles: acquiring women’s rights and changing society’s moral perceptions. Boudoir – in French – refers to a woman’s private room – a...

Winter Wonderland in Canada

It’s probably not where Alice will chose to explore, with winters as cold as -30 degree C,  but it sure is spellbindingly magical when glistened under a sheet of crystal snow. Canada is almost a square: as tall as...

Military Modern: Minh & Muse

Fashion is about highlighting the strength of individuality. This season, it's all about the rugged tones to achieve those military effects.   ""    

Vietnamese Coconut Leaf Arts

Vietnamese people love every part of their coconut trees. For edible consumption, there is coconut juice, coconut milk, coconut meat, coconut worms (yes, they eat them in fish sauce!). For natural fuel, there is dried coconut husk. For housing...
Avatar continues its rank as the top grossing movie of all time, but each year, Hollywood continues to churn out a winner. Here are the top grossing movies of this decade. Cartoon, action and fantasy dominated the big screens...
H'Hen Niê made history as the first contestant from Vietnam to place top 5 in the 2018 Miss Universe Pageant. Born in Đắk Lắk, a remote region of Vietnam, her story from house maid to beauty queen and super model...

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