Tuesday, August 20, 2019


Random Curiosities

When the 19-year-old me left University, the job market was not waiting for me in open arms giving me offers left and right. I would sit on the computer applying to hundreds of jobs every day and got nothing....
We interviewed a chartered accountant for a clear and concise crash course on RR$P. Q: What is an RRSP (Registered Retirement Saving Plan)? A: It is similar to an account you would open but it offers tax shelter incentive to encourage...
As we celebrate a love (so many plush toys!) and hate (oh, the bacon and suckling whole pig!) relationship with this chubby animal, Lunar New Year is around the corner and it is finally Year of the Pig. It was...

Snow Gown & Ice Slippers

As Toronto experienced -20C degree weather and over 26 cm of snow on this January day (the last time the city had over 20 cm of snow in a day was 51 years ago), let’s review of records set...

Lunar Tetrad: 4 Blood Moons

If you are like the rest of us - asleep like a baby when the Blood Moon was taking its center stage up in the night sky, from midnight to around 2 AM, you’ll have to catch another total...
Up until Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s VOGUE feature, Canada virtually doesn’t exist and Montreal is another French-speaking country to Americans. Nonetheless,  international students and immigrants seek out Canada as their number destination to a better education and a more...
Getting your first job is almost as unforgettable as getting married (for the 1st time). You’d reach out to as many postings as possible, hoping for the best fit, and one that accepts you (for who you are). Sometimes,...
Have your eyes on Canada and want to call it your home? As one of the safest and most inclusive countries in the world, not to mention those breathtaking sceneries and the nicest people you can come across, Canada’s...

Buddha: Upclose & Personal

As the 4th largest religion in the world with approximately 520 million followers, Buddhism has stepped out of the temples and into our daily lives through practices such as Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga…More and more people who are not Buddhists are practicing the...

Coffee Culture

If the 9th century legend was true, then goats were the first creature to enjoy coffee when their herders noticed them dancing happily after consuming coffee beans. Hearing this story, a local monk made a drink out of coffee beans and...

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