Tuesday, August 20, 2019


Health & Wellness

As a child, we were always encouraged by adults to take afternoon naps, and how we dreaded that boring hour of trying to pretend to be asleep while we wish we could have played outside instead. It turns out...

Cancer Curbing Canines

They have always been men’s best friends – protecting & guarding us from predators - and they continue to contribute to the improvement of our lives into modernity. Within this decade, the scientific community has been seriously investing in cancer-sniffing...

Beauty Bestowed

Back in the old days before the commercialization of beauty products, women in Viet Nam used charcoal, mud, cucumber for their skin, gleditsia fruit and coconut oil for their hair, and these ingredients are now being bottled as effective...
According to Canada Statistics, approximately 5,800 suicides occurs annually. It is the 7th most common cause of death among Canadian males, and 10th among both sexes. In between 1950 to 2009, the rate of male suicide was 3 times...
On January 22, 2019, Canada releases a new updated good guide, in which many traditional diary products have been removed from the previous version. The last update was done a decade ago and no doubt modern lifestyle has changed...
It is probably the toughest life transitional phase from high school as a teenager into adolescence as a university student. According to the 2018 National College Health Assessment, university students’ top 10 health issues are: Higher education can be very demanding,...
Darn those doctors and dietitians! They tell you to limit calorie intake to 2000 but they also tell you if you eat less than that, you can still gain weight. So what’s the point? Canada’s Food Guide further suggests...
We all know what we should do to keep a healthy life but the rat race seems to take over every time we want to turn into the healthy route. How do we spend our daily 24 hours aside...
(check out the sun-soak video covering this topic) Other than the really obvious ones, like drinking water every day, getting enough sleep, exercising, there are five healthy habits that you may be forgetting. #1 FLOSSING Flossing is actually so important for your...

Foods For Memory Boost

  The thing about memories is they seem to fade overtime, except those few shocking moments, and yes, that first kiss. Scientists blame it on the "decay theory", which suggests that memory storage fades with the passage of time and...

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