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Once a fishing town, Port Dover – about 2 hours from Toronto - now attracts many local and international tourists to its beautiful scenery and the sight of a few rare tropical palm trees along its beach. In the winter,...

How to Freeze a Fall

Silky when flowing and majestic when frozen, waterfalls are always a sight to behold because they circulate the entire energy cycle from air to earth, making us feel as if we are in a complete circle of serenity. How does...

Mộc Châu Highlands

Famous for Dải Yếm waterfall, Son Moc Huong Cave, endless tea plantations, and home of some vibrant ethnic minority groups like the Thai, H'mong, Muong, Dao..., Moc Chau Highlands sit at 1050m above sea level and has...

A Visual Trip to Taipei

Taipei is the capital of Taiwan, known for its bamboo-shaped Taipei 101 skyscraper. Among its most notable attractions are National Palace Museum (which houses 700,000 pieces of ancient Chinese imperial artifacts and artworks), Yangmingshan National Park, Lungshan Temple (built in the...
Who would have thought these breathtaking scenery are taken in various regions of Vietnam? Legend had it that the Vietnamese race was born out of martial unity between a dragon and a fairy. We don't know the possibility of...
A striking backdrop for many Hollywood movies and shows like Extra and Dancing with the Stars, cobblestone-lined The Grove is a dining, shopping, and entertainment complex like no other in Los Angeles. The Grove’s outdoor shopping complex includes many high-end...
The truth is there are many countries much colder than Iceland (like Canada, Russia, Finland…) but the name erroneously solidifies it as subzero white-cold. In reality, Iceland is not 103,000 km square of all ice-sheets, warm summer days can...
Formed 80 million to 55 million years ago, the Rocky Mountains stretch 4,800 km from British Columbia to New Mexico and Southwestern United States. This raw beauty is a popular tourist destination for hiking, camping, mountaineering, fishing, hunting, mountain...
Undoubtedly, the charming Dalai Lama in red robes and board smiles brought Tibet to the world’s living rooms. It is the most secluded region in the world: no country has dared to claim it as its own nor cared...
Kenya is the quintessential image of the African savanna with lone-trees as umbrellas for many thriving species. Situated right at the equator, the country's climate is extremely hot and there are only a hot season and a dry season....

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