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ANH + CHI | 3388 Main St, Vancouver ( Serving Vietnamese food prepared with a modern twist and featuring an up scale décor, this high-end Vietnamese restaurant is winning awards and hearts of food fans. Anh + Chi offers traditional Vietnamese...

Toronto Winterlicious 2019

In 2003, 35 “pioneering” restaurants got together and began a food festival tradition in Toronto with prix fixe with lunches at $15, $20, $25, while dinners were at $25, $35, $45. It was an effort to push Toronto tourism...
  The imperial city of Hue (located in Central region) was the former capital of Vietnam.  In 1789, Emperor Gia Long ordered the construction of a new capital and work began in 1804. The new imperial city faced southeast of...
Peking duck is a lavish dish of roasted duck, originated from Beijing during the imperial time in the Yuan Dynasty and served only for the Emperor and the royal court. It eventually spread to the upper class households and...

Hello “Hi Tea 23.5”!

Hi Tea 23.5 is a bubble tea chain that originates from China that offers unique desserts and mixes of untraditional fruit teas. Located on 4733 Steeles Avenue, East in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, Hi Tea 23.5 is a great spot...
The Spring Roll is probably Vietnam's most famous food after Phở & Bánh Mì. It's super easy to make and it's very healthy. 30 minutes of prep time and you will have a delicious dinner with all the nutrition...

The Dessert Kitchen

Snacking on sweet and sour varieties has always been an essential part of Asian culture. There is an endearing quote in our folklore: “If you don’t snack, you are not a girl.” In Vietnam, snacks are sold every where...
Fast food! The growing popularity of fast-food chain restaurants has been a worldwide phenomenon, due to its mass-produced model, accessibility, and cultural variations! When you think of the Philippines, the delicious colourful dessert - halo halo comes to your mind right?...

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