The prediction for this year is mid April as the golden blooming time for Toronto’s precious sakura trees. Every spring, High Park, Kariya Park and other surrounding parks attract virtually every Torontonian and international tourist to these impermanent enchanted forests of white and pink.

In Vietnam, you can only find these elegant cherry trees in the central region of Da Lat, most are clustered along Trần Hưng Đạo Street, around Xuân Hương Lake, Tuyền Lâm Lake, and Đa Quý Slope.

Sakura’s worldly appeal doesn’t stop at visual stimulation. These fragrant delicate pastel petals are also transformed into various foods from sweet to savory, from burger, cheesecake, mochi, sushi, tea, sake, to jelly drops, steamed bao, rice cracker, macaron…

In Toronto, you can find a variety of sakura treats at:

  • HCafe – 4750 Yonge Street, Unit 119, Toronto
  • Millie Café – 8321 Kennedy Rd #1065, Unionville
  • Little Pebbles Café – 160 Baldwin St. Store #8, Toronto