Coffee Culture


If the 9th century legend was true, then goats were the first creature to enjoy coffee when their herders noticed them dancing happily after consuming coffee beans. Hearing this story, a local monk made a drink out of coffee beans and stayed awake all night. The moment the first cup of coffee came into existence.

Today, coffee is the second most traded commodity on earth, just after oil. There are currently approximately 25 million farmers in over 50 countries meticulously taking part in making this ritual possible in Starbucks every morning for the rest of us.

Though technically coffee is a fruit, like berry, and is a seed and not a bean, it still gathers a large cult followers despite 5 attempts to ban it throughout history. It was first banned in Mecca in 1511 because coffee was believed to stimulate radical thinking. Though in the 16th century, a clergymen tried to ban coffee because of its “satanic” effect, Pope Clement VII lifted the ban and baptized coffee in 1600.

For the rest of us, coffee is the sustenance of life and temporary immortality.