Dog Sledding in Ontario


If you are one of those people who feel extremely uncomfortable being pulled by any kind of animal, this activity is not for you and we absolutely understand your justified sentiments.

Before motor sled, dog sledding were the main method of get around during snow season for Indigenous people. A team of huskies, usually 4-6, pulls on a sled guided by a human. While many modern animal right activists no longer believe animals should be used for recreational purpose, we feel we need to clear some facts.

Husky dogs are Arctic energetic and athletic outdoor dogs who love to run and roam in the wild. They have thick fur and are the fastest breed of dogs. Many think they are being abused for their pulling ability but you can verify whether they enjoy the sledding by the excited wags of their tails. One or two humans being pulled by a team of huskies would be considered a light load for the dogs. Many owners of these sled dogs do take very good care of them just like how we would care for our own loving indoor pets. Dog sledding for huskies is a form of owner-pet playing interaction.

We rarely see this special breed in a hot country like Vietnam but if you want to own a husky there, it would cost you around $2000 CAD for breeds coming directly from Russia or America, or around $700 CAD for breeds born in Vietnam.

In Ontario, you can participate or watch dog sledding through several operators like North Ridge Ranch in Huntsville, Wilderness Adventures in Algonquin, Winterdance in Haliburton Highlands…

Below are some images from photographer Kim Bao Tran’s last dog sledding trip.