There are many relatable struggles we face as Vietnamese-Canadians today, but it is often not showcased enough through recent media. We, Jenuine Taste, had a great opportunity to visit one of Toronto’s art performance theatres, in support for “Good Morning, Viet Mom” hosted by Franco Nguyen and Cahoots Theatre Production. 


Franco Nguyen – a Vietnamese-Canadian comedian and filmmaker based in Toronto, Ontario – partnered with Cahoots Theatre Production to perform “Good Morning, Viet Mom,” a one-man show that describes Franco’s childhood struggles in Canada and his personal experiences with his first trip back to Vietnam. Franco’s live performance was a blend between a stand-up comedy act and a touching real-life storytelling performance. “Good Morning, Viet Mom” was beyond our expectations and shared many relatable stories with us and the audience. 


During our after-show interview with Franco, he describes the meaning behind the comedic, emotional performance of “Good Morning, Viet Mom” and gave us inspiring advice to learn from when entering the entertainment industry. From our interview with Franco, we better understood his struggles he encountered in the Asian-Canadian entertainment industry, as well as very many relatable stories that expressed his vulnerabilities through comedy. We were inspired by Franco’s continued journey from lonely standup evenings to the success of his shows and going on tour. The motivation through Franco’s vision was exemplified in his story and upcoming projects which were revealed in our video interview with Franco. 

The overall performance was spectacular! With very hilarious comedic jokes, heartfelt moments and the emphasize on the typical Vietnamese-Canadian experiences – it related to us very well. Although the “Good Morning, Viet Mom” tour has now come to an end, Franco Nguyen’s latest project will be writing and starring in the latest CBC sketch comedy series, “Tallboyz,” this upcoming fall and occasional stand-up comedy at the Bad Dog Theatre in Toronto, Ontario.

Our interview left us feeling hopeful for Vietnamese culture and representation in mainstream media and colliding the worlds of Western culture and Vietnamese heritage through one’s own form of passion. Please check out our full video interview with Franco Nguyen on Thoi Bao Media’s YouTube channel with Jenuine Taste. Special thanks to our personal videographers – Tran Kieu Nam and Joey (Nhat Vu) Nguyen. 

Thank you for reading, let’s see where Jenuine Taste explores next!