Grand River Champion of Champions Pow Wow


The Indigenous communities in Canada are the country’s pride with rich arts heritage in music, dance, arts and crafts. Native Americans from the U.S. would come to participate in this annual competition to become the champion of champions.

With more than 30 food vendors, 400 dancers from North America, and 100 craft vendors, this event is now a major tourist attraction not only locally, but nationally and internationally. It is annually hosted at Chiefswood National Historic Site at 1037 Brant Hwy 54, Ohsweken, Ontario.

Pow-wow is not just a dance but rather a way of life for the Indigenous people. Males dance in styles of Fancy, Grass, Prairie Chicken, and Traditional; females dance in styles of Fancy, Jingle and Traditional. The dances are often done in circle following the sun’s direction. This represents the cycle of life and continuous connection of things in the universe. Dancers move around in circles, to the beat of the drum, displaying their graceful and energetic styles.

Images are taken by photographer Chieu Tran.