Hello “Hi Tea 23.5”!


Hi Tea 23.5 is a bubble tea chain that originates from China that offers unique desserts and mixes of untraditional fruit teas. Located on 4733 Steeles Avenue, East in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, Hi Tea 23.5 is a great spot to hang out with friends for some late night teas and light snacks.

The typical North American bubble tea chains we are used to offer classic milk tea with tapioca pearls, but Hi Tea 23.5 revolutionizes the tea game by introducing fizzy, soda-like tea mixtures with a variety of interesting toppings, such as popping fruit tapioca, flavoured jellies ad unique specialty ingredients.

The two sparkling sodas we tried were the “Blue Curacao Sparkling Soda ($6.49),” which was a cool, blue fruit tea, topped with popping tapioca and fresh diced dragon fruit. There was a twist of unique, exotic flavours that we couldn’t quite distinguish entirely. There were hints of orange, berry, dragon fruit, amongst others! The other popularized sparkling soda drink we tried was the “Sakura Flowers Sparkling Sodas ($6.49)”, a personal favourite, as it was just so delicate and fitting for the light sipper. There was such an aromatic flavour with a pleasant floral taste, topped with lychee popping tapiocas and lemon slices. The drink was very refreshing and aesthetically pleasing also! Be sure to have your phone ready for those fizzy affects.

Aside from the soda teas, Hi Tea 23.5 is known for their comfortable, spacious lounge area, making for a great hang out spot with friends. They offer various board games that are available for customers to play with while drinking, alongside snacking on late night snack foods, such as “Japanese Style Octopus Balls ($6.99)”.

Hi Tea 23.5 also offers an array of amazing desserts, one of which we tried was the “Redbean Ice Bowl ($6.99),” which includes delicious red bean ice cream, red beans, tapioca and fresh pudding, all in an iced-carved bowl. The ice bowl was a very interesting concept, which allowed for a beautiful presentation of the dessert and keeps the ice cream cold. For this dessert dish, the staff member pours the nitrogen gas over the ice bowl creating a gas-like affect which actively freezes the bowl and cools the ice cream. Overall, it was quite a visual presentation and we think could justify for the price.

Overall, Hi Tea 23.5 is a pleasant spot to visit when around the Scarborough area. The new trend in food desserts we have noticed the emerging trends of nitrogen ice creams, as a source of aesthetics and entertainment for the customer. This has been popularized in the Toronto food scene from Thai rolled ice creams or the famous nitrogen lab ice cream parlours.

Not only do people value flavour selections, quality, and atmosphere of a café, they also care for entertainment and unique elements that may set a spot apart from the rest. If nitrogen activating desserts or fizzy flavour-popping bobas are the new trends, we wonder what’s next in this market? Let’s find out together. Thank you for reading, and let’s see where Jenuine Taste explores next!

Jennifer Dao & Natasha Dao

“If nitrogen activating desserts or fizzy flavour-popping bobas are the new trends, we wonder what’s next in this market? “