Ikebana: Japanese Art of Flower Arrangements


In ikebana – “giving life to flowers” – the Japanese observe an art form derived from Shinto and Buddhist belief where during the act of creation, they practice the following 7 principles, while making sense of the unity among the greenery and flora.

  • Silence – observe nature and develop inner peace.
  • Minimalism – how to achieve beauty in simplicity.
  • Grace – achieve grace in while lines and shapes.
  • Follow nature – do not force or conform arrangement against the flow of things.
  • Humanity – the feeling you put into the arrangement is honest and true.
  • Structure – the basic structure if scalene triangle with three main points representing heaven, earth and humanity.
  • Aesthetics – develop your unique sense of artistic inclination and expand on creativity.

Here are some Ikebana works to inspire your own exploration.