Kenya: the Birthplace of Mankind


Kenya is the quintessential image of the African savanna with lone-trees as umbrellas for many thriving species. Situated right at the equator, the country’s climate is extremely hot and there are only a hot season and a dry season. This is home to 43.5 million people, with 3.1 million living in the capital city of Nairobi.  Kenya declared its independence from the United Kingdom in 1963 and became a republic.

The economy exports tea, coffee and fresh flowers. Agricultural activities employ 75% of the nation’s population. Their marathon runners are world-famous with a long line of Olympic champions.

Kenya men can take on more than one wife and a groom must have a minimum of 10 cows as dowries to marry a bride. Half of the country’s population live in poverty, and though there is no middle class, only rich or poor, the people of Kenya are still known for their genuine and happy smile. Education is free but many children have to stay home to earn money to support their family.

Here are some captures from photographer Ha Tran during her recent trip to this amazing woodland grassland landscape.

“Bones found in kenya suggest this might be the birthplace of the human species.”