Miss Vietnam H’Hen Niê at Miss Universe 2018


H’Hen Niê made history as the first contestant from Vietnam to place top 5 in the 2018 Miss Universe Pageant.

Born in Đắk Lắk, a remote region of Vietnam, her story from house maid to beauty queen and super model continues to inspire a world-wide audience, especially after her unforgettable performances at the pageant.

In her top 5 interview question, she shared her point of the view about the #metoo movement: “To me, it has not gone too far. Because protecting people’s well-being against sexual abuse, protecting women, that is a precious right. All of us need protection, our lives need freedom as well as protection.” Many Vietnamese speaking fans blamed the poor translation job to her halt to the top.

Facing controversy for her national costume outfit of banh mi, H’Hen Niê is still widely adored by her people as a genuine, down-to-earth beauty queen who donated all of her winning to charity right after arriving home.

The door is wide open for this beauty queen and model.