New Film by Canadian Vietnamese Actor: Picking Things Up


It had entered in film festivals world-wide. Look out for this movie as one of the few outstanding Canadian Vietnamese actors makes his unforgettable mark in mainstream entertainment.

Film Synopsis (English version):

Picking Things Up takes an introspective look at the quandary between former lovers
Mike (Phi Huynh) and Sophie (Christine Nguyen). When Sophie resurfaces six months
after leaving Mike for another man, a trial ensues as the two deliberate the prospects of
picking up where they left off.

Film Synopsis (Vietnamese version):

Sau khi chia tay 1 thời gian, Mike và Sophie cuối cùng đã liều lĩnh cho nhau 1 cơ hội cuối
cùng để quay lại với nhau. Sophie đã chia tay Mike để yêu 1 người đàn ông khác, nhưng
khi cô bắt đầu bước chân vào cuộc sống của anh ta, S bắt đầu suy nghĩ lại quyết định lúc
trước của mình và mọi thứ bắt đầu rõ ràng hơn. Sau khi Mike gặp lại S, anh ta cũng bắt
đầu nghĩ tới việc có đáng để bắt đầu lại với Sophie hay không.

Phi Huynh’s Biography

Lead Actor – Executive Producer- Co-writer

Phi Huynh makes his filmmaking, producing and co-writing debut on, Picking Things Up: Nối Lại Tình Xưa. Phi Huynh is a represented actor and action performer based in Toronto/Vancouver. He will be playing the lead, Mike. He is known for his acting performances in: 2nd Generation, (Amazon Prime TV), TAKEN (NBC), Salvation (SYFY), The Next Step S.3, Mayday Air Crash Investigation (Discovery) and Heroes Reborn(NBC). Phi will be appearing in the the newest netflix show, V-WARS as a Vampire in 2019.

Phi is also a stunt performer on several series including: Titans (Warner Bros), Star Trek Discovery(CBS), Shadowhunters, Killjoys (SYFY), Taken 2(NBC), Incorporated (SYFY) and much more.

Phi graduated from York University with a Bachelor’s degree training in Theatre performance arts in 2011. He also trains incrementally at Pro Actors lab and at the Lewis Baumander acting school. Since then he has been in various commercials, television series, short films, web series and feature films aired across North America. Phi Huynh is one of the fewest Canadian Vietnamese actors in Toronto.

He possesses a traditional Karate background and competitive gymnastics tumbling skills
with stunt acting capabilities. He speaks fluent English, Vietnamese and conversational
Japanese. Phi believes: “Even on your best day, sleep on a win but wake up with a loss. Wake up knowing that you have to work harder than you did yesterday.”