Saint Kitts and Nevis: Mother of Colony


You probably haven’t heard of this little-known island country situated in the West Indies but undoubtedly its beautiful beaches have graced pages of familiar travel magazines. Saint Kitts was among the first Caribbean islands to be settled by the British and French during the colonial period, giving it the nickname “The Mother Colony of the West Indies.”

With a population of approximately 35,000 people, this piece of heaven has cloud-shrouded mountains and turquoise beaches with agreeable weather all year round. Tourists favorite capital city Basseterre for its rich history of the colonial struggle. The city houses more than 200 old-style architecture and cultural monuments, manors, squares, churches, and fortresses. Basseterre’s beaches, resorts and marinas don’t fall to impress either. Visitors can see lava formations, tropical forest and lagoons, go snorkeling or diving, or just enjoy the beautiful sun.

Both islands Saint Kitts and Nevis are volcanic, covering 269 square meters of lush mountains, sandy (white and black) beaches, flourishing rain forests with exotic flowers, plants and animals. The local people are happy and friendly. When in Saint Kitts, do try “goat water,” which a special stew made from neck bones and meat of goats. The locals claim this stew gives males extra potency and vitality. To the male readers: do try and let us know.

Visual snapshots are from our very own Thoi Bao Explorer: Isabel Tran – who recently traveled there.

“St. Kitts was among the first CARIBBEAN islands to be settled by the British and French during the colonial period”