Stop and Smell the… Lavender



A fun summer activity during the Canadian summer is frolicking through flower gardens and spending time outdoors soaking in the vitamin D from the sun. In Vietnamese culture, we use many natural at-home remedies from many years ago that get carried generation after generation. The cultivation and growth of lavender flowers are commonly utilized in various wellbeing products due to their relaxing and soothing properties.

Explore Terre Bleu, Ontario’s largest lavender farm, located just 45 minutes west of Toronto. Terre Bleu farm had an inspiring landscape while learning about our commitment to education, sustainable farming and personal well-being. What we found interesting is that there are also outdoor yoga classes out in the lavender field, which would be fun while viewing the scenery.

This is the home to over 40,000 lavender plants in a 60 acre land, located at 2501 25 Side Road in Milton, Ontario. With various activities at Terre Bleu Lavender Farm, such as yoga, guided tours and an insight on their honeybee facility, there are many things to do at the farm other than just walking around the lavender fields. A charming (and great photo opportunity) was the installation of their “Big Yellow Door” which read the quote as “Walk through the door, your worries behind you, the joy ahead”.

Along with a section in this lavender-filled land, there was an angelic musician playing the harp while we were wandering the fields. There appeared to be a theme of peacefulness, serenity, and very calming – which absolutely resonated with the symbol of this flower.

Lavender is used in array of products and is the most commonly used in aromatherapy, which helps relieve aching pains, reduces anxiety and improves overall the physical well-being. Terre Bleu’s gift shop offered an array of fresh, handmade lavender products, such as bath salts, soaps and candles.

Terre Bleu’s farm was filled with endless rows of fresh lavender plants, up to 6 different varieties of the lavender plant. It was quite breathtaking and a great afternoon stroll for viewing and photography pleasures.

Now, this would not be a JeniuneTaste article without mentioning food! Terre Bleu’s shop offered all local, artisanal products, ranging from maple syrup, lavender chocolate and even lavender-Gouda cheese. All of these packaged food items can be purchased at the shop or even on their online webstore.

Our absolutely recommendation is their  “Lavender Ice Cream” ($5.75) as it was the perfect treat for this summer activity. The bright, vibrant purple colouring was from the fresh lavender, provided at the farm. The flavour was very delicious with the hint of floral-lavender taste. Considering it was a very hot day outside, the double-scoop cone did not disappoint. The ice cream was not too floral tasting, but was an light lavender scent in a deliciously churned ice cream that was satisfying!

The “Lavender Lemonade” ($5.50) was also very good and quite refreshing for the hot, summer afternoon at Terre Bleu. The drink included fresh lemonade and topped with bits of the lavender flower, which added a unique flavour to your classic lemonade.

Since we went on a weekend, admissions were pricey, which amounted to $20 per person. The admission rates can vary depending on the season and week-day/end. For trying out their lavender cultivated treats, a mini road trip away from the downtown city, spend time with friends and family, or take adorable photos, the farm is a to-do summer fun!

The Terre Bleu farm this year opened since June 1st and runs all the way until the beginning of September! You can also check out these other lavender farms during this season which are also seen in Niagara and Quebec! We encourage explorers to be in the moment and bask in the beauty of nature, and to also be mindful of the farmers’ hard work.

Check out these popular lavender farms: Lakeview Lavender Farms (Port, Perry ON), Bonnieheath Estate (Waterford, ON), Prince Edward County Lavender (East Toronto, ON), Steed & Co (Elgin Country, ON), and Weir’s Lane Lavender Farm & Apiary (Hamilton, ON). Happy summer festivities to all! Thank you for reading, and let’s see where Jenuine Taste explores next!

Jennifer Dao & Natasha Dao