TET: A reflection for overseas Vietnamese


What might have started as a religious holiday is now a traditional shared by Vietnamese of all religions, by Vietnamese currently living inside Vietnam and Vietnamese in diaspora.

TET is the time of cooking, renewing, sharing and celebrating what we have in abundance.

TET is a time to gather with family and friends, pay respect to our ancestors, and reflect upon accomplishments and failures that we hope would improve in the new year.

TET is when we flaunt our prettiest Ao Dai and visit loved ones to bring them luck and to receive blessings from them.

TET is when we feel most connected to our culture, observe what we had gone through as a race, and appreciating what we could have kept and what we had to let go to the flows of life.

TET in Canada is truncated to attending festivals, cooking and having dinners with friends & family, and visiting the temples or churches, but nonetheless, it is celebrated with much enthusiasm by overseas Vietnamese.