The Silky White Ao Dai


A symbol of purity and femininity, the white Ao Dai has long been an undetachable stimulus for any form of Vietnamese art from painting to photography to fashion…Its grace casts a silhouette of serene beauty over a country full of political differences and social turbulence.

What started as clothing for the ordinary in the late 18th century has evolved into extraordinary high-fashion as the Ao Dai has made its debut on New York runways in recent years. Yet, its sentimental appeal has never mutated, still provoking thousand-year nostalgia and home-country tradition in any modernized pattern and form.

As a long time aficionado of the art of White Ao Dai, for over a decade, photographer Pham Nam Hoai continues to chase the amalgamation of the 7 basic human emotions manifesting within each movement of the tight-fitting silk tunic, and finds his kairosclerosis after each completion of annual the calendar project. This year, he draws his creative inspirations from Vietnam’s most influential work of epic poetry The Tale of Kieu –  3,254 verses depicting fifteen years of the tempestuous life of a beautiful woman named Kieu.

You can purchase the 2019 calendar following this link. All proceeds will benefit orphanages in Vietnam (over $188,000 has been donated up to date).

Here are some preview images from the calendar.