Vietnamese Coconut Leaf Arts


Vietnamese people love every part of their coconut trees. For edible consumption, there is coconut juice, coconut milk, coconut meat, coconut worms (yes, they eat them in fish sauce!). For natural fuel, there is dried coconut husk. For housing construction, there is dried coconut branch. Coconut trees are also used as flotation device.

Flashback to the pre-modern era, Vietnamese children have very few manufactured toys to play with so their creativity ran wild with materials directly from nature and the coconut tree was among the top favorites. They used the leaves to make various animals, boxes and shapes. Christians make crosses and other worship creations out of coconut leaves for Palm Sunday.

Nowadays, coconut leaf art gets more and more intricate with grandiose designs as wedding arches and festival entrance decoration. Street vendors in major tourist areas earn a good living making a variety of amazing coconut leaf arts ranging from flowers, animals, hats and beyond.

Vietnamese people have always been inventive with using their affordable natural surroundings as survival resources. The coconut leaf was once a way of a life and now also a style of arts.